“Master The Masculine Experience Through The Ruling Archetype Of Evolution In Life: The Hero's Journey”

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To step onto this path of becoming the whole and integrated man is: You got to get rid of the bullshit. You have to unburden yourself. This means limiting beliefs, shadow projections, victims stories, baggage you’re carrying.


When you are on the hero path, you got to get hungry. That means clean and know your fucking desires: It’s time to go out and conquer them. You are going to move towards what’s uncomfortable, and your limits because that’s where you grow. Thats how you build strong desire-based relationships with the feminine and the rest of your community.


Now that you have power, and you’ve busted through the first levels of fear, you have some experience under your belt. Now, it’s really about getting into alignment. Because if you’re aligned, then you’re no longer wasting energy. That means your thoughts, your words and action. 

4. OWN

Full ownership is the final stage of this journey. When you become the custodian of your energy you’ll be able to fully embody and manifest your greatness while going your path. So you’re not defending yourself or hiding anymore. So this is where you start to tap into sovereignty.

And much more...

About Kevin Orosz

Kevin Orosz is an archetypal mentor and performance philosopher who is inspired by ancient wisdom and his mission to bring healthy mythology into the modern world.

A student of men’s work, Kevin is decisively creating breakthroughs for his private clients, leading international masterminds, filming inspirational content, and doing it all while traveling the world.

On a quest to discover the optimal hero’s journey map for men today, he is known for sharing radical philosophy on his show, “The (R)Evolution Podcast” as well as the co-founder of the lifestyle brand, “Mystic Misfit”.

Kevin’s vision is to manifest mature men, leaders, fathers, lovers and sons on this planet and reawaken the divine masculine of mankind.

Stories on Kevin Orosz

“I have consumed more of your content than any other this past year! Keep it coming brother! Love your work.”

Rod Cooper

Founder of the Movement Collective

“I’m not going to lie to you, my good friend Kevin and I dive deep, we talk about a lot of things, amongst them how old masculinity is dead and what’s replacing it, we get sagely, in a real way.”

JP Sears

1.75M YouTube subscribers, Author & Comedian

“Do you want to grow beyond your culture, beyond toxic people, beyond your family’s beliefs? This is something Kevin is mastering for himself and it’s just inevitable that it will happen for you if you commit in partnering with him.”

Daniel Eisenman

Founder of International Tribe Design & Author 

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